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Dontherust's gameplay for NBA 2K10 (PS3)

Dontherust played NBA 2K10

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Dontherust said...
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Playing as my favorite team the Lakers, I took on Atlanta on Pro difficulty(the default). I've always struggled with this game only recently being able to WIN games. Had an intense match. Up by 7 at stages down by 7 at others. Up by 4 with 1 min to go in the 4th and they manage to score the alley. I decide to run the clock down but alas a stray pass and the hawks manage to secure the ball with the clock ticking away.....tick tick tick..... they are covered man to man so their Power forward(forgot his name) took the shot. Hit the rim. comes back. 4 of my players under the basket. 1 hawk. You can guess the rest. On the buzzer he scoops it up and puts it in too tie the score and send it to over time. Was going nuts. Thought I had this in the bag and watched helpless to stop them.

I'll let you use your imagination as too what happened next. ;)

Ps. Been aaaaagggeeeesss since I was on here. Sorry if you guys missed me.
NBA 2K10

NBA 2K10 (PS3)

Genre/Style: Sports/Basketball
Release Date: 06/OCT/09
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Keep at it and things will pick up soon. Once you've got the game mechanics down you'll be alright playing against the AI on any difficulty.
Play a "too the basket" type play. Not many shots outside the paint.

Rarely get any three's too fall. Even when unmanned.

Tips would be nice. I have trouble running plays.
If you have trouble running plays you can always turn play vision on in the options screen. It highlights exactly what you should do to run the play while in-game so that you don't mess up. Watch for the AI in the passing lanes and long bombs down court aren't always the best idea.

If going to the basket is your thing then spinning and the double cross-over moves will be your best friend. To spin you just move the left stick in a half-circle from the ball hand to the non-ball hand. To double cross you hold LT then just move the left stick from the ball hand to the non-ball hand and back in one quick move. It pretty much guarantees you an open lane because the AI can't keep up. I think hitting RT then LT then RT again does a hesitation then a double cross too, but I barely do it that way.

For rebounding it helps if you jump as soon as the ball bounces off the rim. Your timing might not be perfect, but you'll be in the air before everyone else so advantage = yours.

If you're playing the post trying hitting LT or RT when you get within range of the basket while backing down, after your guy does the little spin just pump fake and you'll most likely be open. If you see 2-3 guys from the other team in the post with you it usually means there's someone open on your team. Hopefully you noticed the direction the extra guys came from because a quick dump out here and there will guarantee an open jumper in this situation.

I find it helps too if you pump fake once or twice even if you have the open jumper because its harder to shoot coming off the dribble than it is after you've gotten your feet set and everything else ready to make the shot. If you don't like watching your guy until he hits the top of his jump to let go of the shooting button what I do is count to 2 really quick then let it go. After awhile you'll just know when to let go of your shot with certain people.
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