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Dontherust's gameplay for Dragon Age: Origins (PS3)

Dontherust played Dragon Age: Origins

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Dontherust said...
  • frustrated
Dragon Age: Origins is a good game. A very worthy RPG of anyone interested. Too bad I suck at it. i have played through every Starting origin. They were all pretty fun. Not too hard. Then I get into the main story. And I suck. highest any of my characters has gotten is Lvl 9.

It's not that the game is hard. Well at first it's confusing but I am no good at tactics. I'm trying to plan a character build and party before I play. IO want to finish this game, It has so much too offer.

Any suggestion son what class/role/specializations to go?
Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins (PS3)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D Action RPG
Release Date: 03/NOV/09
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I went through the same, restarted on easy and chose Rogue as my class (so I could get all the goodies) had a warrior by my side attacking anyone trying to do me in. As for health I had the mage monitoring my status and everyone everyone else monitoring themselves. In goes without saying you should have the best weapons/armor you can afford or steal equipped. It worked for me anyway!
I am trying to avoid playing on easy. Didn't feel right :P
I thinking a mage is the way to go, especially for the bits where you have no party like the fade at mage circle. Straight up dps to be an Arcane warrior and possibly a spirit healer for extra healing. Allister tank. Leliana dps. Wyne healer. Not the best party I must admit. I agree about starting as a rouge. I hate Leliana to be honest. Much rather a player character rouge even though they seem fragile.

Definitely going to have to play this numerous times to get everything I can out of it.
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